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Lukas Rooney's Work

Versatile digital artist and filmmaker adept at visual aesthetics, and impactful video production. Track record with over 4 billion views on content creation. Recognized for unique style, entertaining stories, and successful collaboration with celebrities.

Writer & Producer

Lukas made hundreds of videos with Zach King, gathering a collective 4+ Billion views on social media. 

Webpage Design

Lukas designed this website went out to millions of Zach King's follower. Zach wanted to website to be simple. Something that would speak to kids. 

ZachKingMagic (3).png
zachKing_app_3 (3).PNG
zachKing_app_3 (5).PNG

UI Design

As Project Manager on the AR app for Zach King, the budget didn't allow Lukas to hire a UI/UX designer. So Lukas spent a week learning UI design, and by the end of the week he had fully designed and created all buttons, banners and splash screens for the app.

Project Manager

Lukas managed the production and successful shipment of three augmented reality apps that accompanied Zach's book trilogy.

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